To define a polygon, pass a variable number of Position2D structs representing the points of the polygon.

var polygon = new Polygon(
    new Position2D(-2, 0),
    new Position2D(0, 2),
    new Position2D(2, 0),

This polygon, for example, is a triangle.

Be careful not to define a concave Polygon, as this will cause the results of collision detection to be incorrect. Support for concave polygons is planned for a future release.

Polygons are considered equal if they define the same vertices, regardless of order. They can even be equivalent to Rectangles:

var a = new Polygon(
    new Position2D(1, 1),
    new Position2D(1, -1),
    new Position2D(-1, -1),
    new Position2D(-1, 1)

var b = new Rectangle(-1, -1, 1, 1);

a == b; // true!